About Us

NTU ODAC is formed up by a family of adventure lovers who by combining fun, enjoyment and great love for the outdoors, work towards fostering friendship in NTU through the spirit of adventure.

As youthful budding adventurers, we organize numerous fun-filled activities and trips, both local and overseas for everyone. They include trekking, climbing, biking, kayaking and many more! We are the proud organisers of the local adventure race competition Adventure Trail Challenge (ATC) and also climbing competition Pumpfest, which cater to like-minded adventurers like us!

Everyone is welcomed to join in the fun whether young or old; novice or pro, as long as you have the passion for the outdoors and share our NTU ODAC motto: to "Explore. Discover. Experience."!!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Recruiting adventurous talents!!

Dear Freshies and Friends Of Odac, DO Come down to our recruitment booth (17-19 Aug, Mon - Wed) outside LT8 to sign up for the annual ODAC membership at $5 to get discounted rates for overseas trips and also discounts from our partner merchants and sponsors.

Other Recruitment activities:

1) Welcome Tea @ North Spine

19 Aug Wed

LT 11, N2 Level 4, 730pm - 1030pm

Know more about NTU ODAC and what we do!

2) 2D1N FIRELIGHT @ Ubin

22 and 23 Aug, Sat/Sun

Freshmen Introduction to ODAC Trip

- Trek to highest point in Ubin; Station Games, BBQ, Night Walk and overnight camping

3) 21, 24, 25 Aug

Main Committee Candidates Interview

4) Annual General Meeting

27 Aug, Thurs

LT5 N2 Level 2

Starts @ 1830

5) Sub-Comm Recruitment Interview

2,3 Sept, Wed/Thurs

Venue TBA

For Committees and positions available, please approach our friendly booth assistants for queries. Alternatively you can visit www.ntuodac.com to find out more about us!

Let our Oo-Dee-Ayy-Cee light guide your path! Come join us and be part of our BIG family :D

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Announcement!!! F.O.O.T. 2009 :)

Hi friends!

After a long wait, our Freshmen Overseas Orientation Trip (F.O.O.T.) 2009 Camp is finally here! For more information please visit: http://ntuodac.com/foot/.

Re: Post ATC!

We wanna take this chance to express our gratitude and say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has make ATC 2009 successful.

We wanna thank you guys for coming down to the Sengkang and be part of the setting up crew. We wanna thank you guys for coming down to the main tentage area early in the morning at 6.30. We wanna thank you guys for devoting your SUNDAY to make ATC a success.. Mani mani thank you to each one everyone of you.

We are really really happy and touched to see mani of you putting your heart n soul in ATC 2009. I hope ATC 2009 serve as a good memory point for all of you. May ATC 2009 be a good milestone in each and one of your heart.

Rmb to catch your face on the TV on the 26th June 2009 at 10pm on Channel 5: Sports@SG..

"Jade Seah with our officials :)"

Thank You!

Ling N Phua
(On Behalf of ATC Comm)

This family picture is for your guys:

(Click on pic for larger view)
Love you guys!!!!

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Sign Up for PumpFest '09 Online!

Dear Friends,
Hope everyone's coping well with all the mugging and exams:) Hang in there! It will be over soon! But for now at least there is something we can cheer for: You can sign up for Pumpfest '09 online! Its hassle free and convenient!

"REMINDER: Early bird period is from 03/04/2009 to 01/05/2009, the prices are $15 for the individual categories, $32 for school team (team of 4), and $5 for NTU Fun Climb! and from 02/05/2009 onwards till the days of event, the prices will be $18 for the individual categories, $40 for school team, and $8 for NTU Fun Climb. Register early to avoid disappointment as there are maximum caps for each category!

Registration can be done in two manner, by submitting the registration form together with the payment by post, or by registering online and mailing the payment and indemnity forms to us. 

NTU students, put away the stereotype that climbing is for spidermans only. Come experience it yourself! 

At just $5 you'll get:

  • Fantabulous Goodie bag
  • participants Singlet
  • 2 hours of quality climbing time
So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP NOW!"

Here are the links:

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


OUTDOORS 2009 Sneak Peek

NTU ODAC annual newsletter publication coming to you soon in August 2009.

Upcoming events:

NTU ODAC Inter-Comm Day!
(For all ODAC-commers to enjoy and catch-up after the Exams)
Event Name: Come-Pong ODAC
Date: 2 May 09, Saturday
Venue: Pasir Ris Park
Costs: ~$7
Activities: Zero-Point, Pa-Go-Li, 5-Stones, Kuti-Kuti, Catch Tapole, Mahjong, KTV & BBQ

PumpFest 09
Set Up Dates: 12-14 May
Event Dates: 15-17 May
Clear Up Dates: 17-18 May
Venue: Velocity, Novena

Sea Expedition (Kayaking)
Event Date: 30 May 09, Saturday
Event Time: 0900-1730
Venue: Sembawang Park to Seletar Island

Adventure Trail Challenge 09
Set Up Date: 6 June 09, Saturday
Event Date: 7 June 09, Sunday
Venue: Will be revealed on 1st May 09

Freshman Overseas Orientation Trip 09 (F.O.O.T.)
Local Seniors' Camp: 20-21 June
Overseas Seniors' Camp: 27-28 June
Participants' Brief: 10 July
Event Date: 20-25 July
Clear Up: 26-27 July
Venue: NTU, Around Singapore & Pelepah Waterfalls, Malaysia. (TBC)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Dear NTU Odac-kers and Friends of ODAC (FOOs),

I wish to inform you with a heavy heart that all the vacation trips have been filled up!!! 

If you are one of those unfortunate ones who did not sign up in time, fret not! Please contact the trip leaders (contact info. available @ www.ntuodac.com) so that they can put your names down in the waiting list, because someone may drop out and may need replacements, and who knows if there is an overwhelming response another trip might be organised! 

But for now keep your fingers crossed; meanwhile you can consider joining our other fun-filled activities which are equally interesting and adventurous! They include: Kayaking expedition & Course, Adventure Trail Challenge (ntuodac.com/atc) & Pumpfest (ntuodac.com/pumpfest)!!! 

So why wait? Don't be disappointed again (or face the disappointment like some others did) by signing up today!! :)

PUMPFEST '09 - I One Two Pinch It, Pull It, Pump It!

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Location: Outdoor Atrium @ Velocity
Date: 17th May 2009 (3rd & last day of PumpFest)
Estimated duration: 4 Hrs (2 hours each session)
Time: 2.15 - 4.15pm
4.15 - 6.15pm
*Registration starts 1 hour before event session.

Price: $5
Goodies: Goodies bag + Singlet + Manhatten Fish Market Vouchers
Prizes: Top 6 of each gender gets prizes. A total of 12 prizes altogether!

Individual Event

1. Aim of the Fun Climb Category
To have a category exclusively catered for NTU STUDENTS ONLY. Target audiences are any NTU students who just picked up sports climbing. Climbers in NTU with climbing experience are strongly encouraged to join the competition.

2. Format of competition
The idea of the fun climb is a merger of both “Climb On” format and Pumpfest team category format. At the start of the fun climb, each participant will be issued a Route card for recording the routes. There will be an estimated of 4 to 5 routes per wall, with varying difficulty.
Participants are free to move around and discuss on how to tackle the routes. At the end of 2 hours, all route cards are to be submitted for the results to be tallied.
*Each participants are to attend ONLY one of the session. Please ask them for this additional piece of information when they sign up.

3. Eligibility Criteria
The objective of this category is to expose NTU students to the sport of bouldering thus it would not be of competitive standard.
Participants can only be taking part in the Novice category or none at all. No intermediate or open climbers are allowed to join.

Visit www.ntuodac.com/pumpfest for more info.